DB Replication

Master Slave concept

  • Master db generally supports only write operations such as INSERT DELETE UPDATE .

  • Slave db gets copies of the data from the master database and only supports read operations.

  • Most apps have high ratio of reads to writes hence no. of slaves > no of master dbs generally.

  • Advantages of DB replication:

    • Better Performance :

      • In master-slave model,Since all write updates happen at master & and read operations are distributed across slave nodes.
      • This improves performance since it allows more queries to be processed in parallel.
    • Reliability :

      • If one of the dbs is offline or destroyed,data is still preserved. Dont need to worry about data loss because data is replicated across multiple locations.
    • High availability:

      • By replicating data across different locations ,your app remains online even if a db is offline as data can be accessed by another db server.
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