Header Enrichment

HTTP Header Enrichment is a mobile-network capability to authenticate/identify a msisdn,who is browsing thru the internet using mobile network.

  • It can be used to identify a mobile subscriber based on HTTP request.The process consists of adding data fields in the HTTP header.

  • Event based:This type of HTTP request is ususally triggered in the background by some of app running on the device in response to an event

  • for example :User clicking on some button,where the mobile sends various information which the mobile network can use ti identify/authenticate wther msisdn user belongs to thier mobile network or no.So in this way molbile operator knows which user connects to thier network.

  • The mobile operator whitelists certain urls in which a user hits the url then the request is sent.And this request is then routed to mobile core network ,who identifies the msisdn.

  • To give internet access to that specific phone, mobile operator will assign IP to the device.THe operator maintains this mapping IP/Deivce.

  • After identification/authentication,the mobile network ***enriches***(adds header information consisting of phone nnumber from looking at thier mapping table), the request with specific information about the msisdn user that enables a third part to determine the identity of msisdn user.

  • THe headers used by different mobile networks can be different and upto them.

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